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Our Team

 We are  team of chemical  engineers  experienced  in composite industry for  many years. We  do our  own  formulations  of  resins and  gelcoats closely to our partners. Our company   is operating mainly   in  Europe  and  Mediterranean  Area.   


Plamen  Penchev

M.Sc.Chem. Engineer 

Experience  in  synthesis  of  polymers  and  resins

+359 876 300 224

Dimiter  Dinev

M.Sc.Chem. Engineer  

experience in analitycal  chemistry and inorganic chemistry.

+359 876 300 323

Borislav  Borislavov

M.Sc.Chem. Engineer  

Expierience in  chemical  processes and  quality control.

+359 876 300 223

Nikolay Kolev
Boyka Vidinova

Speciallist  in  transportation of dangerous goods 

Logistic  manager

+359 895 969 300

Specialist in  EU regulations  and  customs

Senior  logistic  manager

+359 898 300 219

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