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Let's Create    Lighter, Stronger, Energy Saving World
Let's Create 

Company Profile

We are  a contract manufacturer   truly  involved  in production and  marketing  of  unsaturated  polyester resins. With  two  production facilities  in Europe  and  Asia  we  provide  state-of-the-art  polyester resins to  our  customers. Focused  on  design,  innovation and production of unsaturated polyester resins. 

Sustainability is a commitment to our children and a key part of our continued success.  We embrace it with dedication and stay focused to pursuing a greener and more sustainable future together with our customers. With our broad portfolio of resins and sustainable focus, we are your ideal partner to smoothly and successfully make the transition to lower environmental impact solutions.


CPC Composites  offers a wide range of  polyester resins in different countries. From customized formulations development  for each customer until the final Quality Control inspection before loading the goods. CPC   always provide the best option available worldwide.

CPC Composites helps our clients to find the solution that it’s needed when is needed. With a wide professional experience, CPC is able to produce your product in the most cost-effective price providing our customers with one more competitive advantage.


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